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President Ronald Reagan in 1987 pointed out the strength of Tuskegee University's engineering and architecture degree programs. 
This is a portion of President Reagan's Tuskegee University Commencement Address given on May 10, 1987.

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TACAA is a not-for-profit, volunteer association connecting alumni of the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture & Construction Science and supporting its current students.

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TACAA is always taking progressive efforts to improve how we reach our alumni and university students.  TACAA Online Archive is here to show the world who we are. Explore and learn about Tuskegee alumni and the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science. Visit our official TACAA website to keep up with current TACAA information and meetings at www.archtacaacsm.com Also, please explore our website Archive Flashback.
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The first professionally trained African American architect in the United States was Robert Robinson Taylor, a native of Wilmington, NC. ​ Taylor was the first black Architecture student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), graduating in 1892. ​Booker T. Washington would hire Robert R. Taylor to develop what is now the architecture and construction science academic degree programs at Tuskegee. Taylor would also design many of the original buildings on Tuskegee University’s campus.​

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Tuskegee University and the Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture & Construction Science have always had students from all over the United States and from many other countries. Our alumni also live across the country and internationally. You are important to TACAA no matter
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This is an interview with The Robert R. Taylor School of Architecture and Construction Science's Visiting Scholar Kevin M. Holland, AIA NOMA LEED AP, Director of Operations at Perkins+Will -Los Angeles. Kevin Holland also serves on the Architectural Advisory Board at Tuskegee University and is a past President of National Organization Of Minority Architects (NOMA).​

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